Impulse Cosmetics Duo-chrome Matte Lip Lacquer Swatches

Hey guys !

Impulse Cosmetics have been kind enough to send me their new duo-chrome matte lip lacuers to swatch for you and I’m telling you, they have some seriously beautiful colours !

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Now I received them in sample mini lipsticks (how the fluff do you call them?!) and I felt like some of them had a different consistency to others, but I will go through it with you with every swatch

First one I tried on was Wicked:

alexmarieartistry alexandra sas brighton make up artist
Wicked- Impulse Cosmetics

This one was fairly easy to apply, nice colour, it has a slight green -ish shimmer to it

The next one was Centrefold:

alexandra sas alexmarieastitry
Centrefold-Impulse Cosmetics

This colour is slightly lighter than Wicked, easy to apply, and has a slight orange shimmer to it

Next lip colour I tried was Socialite:

Socialite-Impulse Cosmetics
Socialite-Impulse Cosmetics

The consistency of this lipstick was good, but I found it got a bit tacky once it dried, and needed to apply several layers for better opacity. This colour has an ivory shimmer to it

Next swatch was a lipstick called Charisma:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Charisma-Impulse Cosmetics

This colour reminds me of the Barbie lipsticks. It’s a soft pink with purple undertones

The next swatch was Exploit:

Exploit-Impulse Cosmetics
Exploit-Impulse Cosmetics

Now this one was a bit harder to put on, it felt like it had almost dried out and I couldn’t get it to look even all over the lip. Might have been the sample and not being able to get enough product on the brush, but I didn’t feel like the consistency of this one was great. The colour though, is gorgeous and has purple iridescent shimmer in it

The next lipstick I tried was Cordial:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Cordial-Impulse Cosmetics

This is a beautiful red with specs of fiine blue glitter in it. It was easy to apply and dried matte

Ok, next swatch was Haphazard:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Haphazard-Impulse Cosmetics

This is one of my favourite colours I got sent. It’s a orange with yellow sparkles within it, easy to apply and looks beautiful !

The next one was Prodigy:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Prodigy-Impulse Cosmetics

This is pretty much like my skin tone , but with gold tones in it.It was easy to apply and quite pigmented for a nude. It’s a pretty colour if you like nude lipsticks

Next was Cryptic:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Cryptic-Impulse Cosmetics

The photo doesn’t do this lipstick justice. It’s basically a version of the brown blue pigment from MAC but in lipstick form, and with a more of a green tint to it! Easy to apply and AMAZING colour!

Last swatch was Hypnosis:

alexandra sas alexmarieartistry
Hypnosis-Impulse Cosmetics

This is a beautiful blue lipstick with green shimmery undertones in it. Applied easy, might need multiple application for better opacity

All in all I think these are nice lipsticks, I don’t think they are meant to be kiss proof or anything like that(cause they ain’t ha)
But yes, the colours are beautiful and I am glad I got given the chance to try them out. I will definitely wear some of these babies out, especially Hypnosis *blue heart emoji*

Thank you for reading this long ass post, hope you guys found it helpful !

Love & kittens